Welcome to the Scrutiny Portal for Scotland website

Welcome to the Scrutiny Portal for Scotland Website – East Dunbartonshire Council - which provides scrutiny agencies with a structured approach to locating key information for participating Scottish local authorities. The content is a result of discussion with scrutiny agencies and provides a common core of information to support scrutiny activity. There is a simple search and retrieval facility and the content is regularly updated. Visitors will be directed to key information retained under four key topics – Context, Structure and Governance; Service planning; Service delivery; and Service review and assessment. A wide range of documents and hyperlinks are located under a number of sub topics.

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Context, structure and governance

Key operational plans and strategies for the Council and Community Planning Partnership, as well as geographic and demographic information, governance arrangements and operational service structures.

Service Planning

Service Planning 

Strategic planning documents for Council operational departments, as well as Community Planning Partnership. Council and Community Plans are long term strategic documents and departmental plans are short to medium term.

Service Delivery

Service Delivery 

Arrangements for monitoring and reporting on use of resources to assist decision making and accountability through effective scrutiny. Risk Management, stakeholder consultation and communication also included.

Service Review

Service Review and assessment 

This topic includes information on the Council's complaints policy, stakeholder surveys and results. Also included are key scrutiny agency evaluations as well as the Council's approach to self evaluation and service review.